Cultural engagement, the  brain and wellbeing

Recent research indicates that, beside other sociocultural factors (e.g., income, age, lifestyle, working condition, gender and education), the engagement in receptive cultural activities (such as watching an art show or attending a theater performance) and in active cultural practices (e.g.,  playing music) improves health, satisfaction with life, and lowers the levels of anxiety and depression, thus possibly playing a role in the development of mental diseases. We are working on projects aimed at disentangling the contribution of cultural participation on psychological well-being and mental health, as a function of long-lasting structural, functional and neurochemical brain changes induced by regular attendance to cultural activities.

Marina Brenere – wearing confidence

Dr Ticini is collaborating to launch a small and sustainable fashion project by guiding the choice of the designer. He gives a better understanding of the neurophysiological processes underlying a perfect wearing experience. The up and coming brand (based in UK) uses only natural soft materials, sourced in Europe and aims at designing comfortable garments and accessories made of fine fabrics to evoke positive emotions and improve the sense of wellbeing.

Beauty and Value (October 15-16 2013, Berlin)
Meeting organised by the Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology (UCL) in collaboration with:-The Italian Society for Neuroaesthetics
-The Association of Neuroesthetics, Berlin
-The Einstein Foundation, Berlin
-The Japanese Society for NeuroaestheticsSpeakers: Ray Dolan, Tomohiro Ishizu, Winfried Menninghaus, Ian Panton-Voek, Barry Smith and Semir Zeki
Genialmente, l’arte del cervello (Trieste, Palazzo Gopcevic, June 25 – August 29, 2004).

This neuroaesthetic exhibition was a brainchild of Dr. Luca F. Ticini, and the project was praised by the President of the Italian Republic for its originality and the scientific content.

In the Scientific Committee:
Semir Zeki, director of the Institute of Neuroesthetics
Manfredo Massironi, University of Verona
Ottavio Missoni, stylist

Featured artists:
Annigoni, Bucci, Cassinari, De Chirico, Il Garofalo, Hughes, Maccari, Malerba, Munari, Sironi, Il Tintoretto, Treccani, Veronesi